Looking for the Right Road to a Lake Champlain Vacation Property?

Don't shoot yourself in the foot.

A big mistake is to underestimate how much location can make or break your investment. We've sold more Lake Champlain Vacation Homes in Grand Isle County than any other company. If you've been thinking about a place to get away from it all, I have the experience and area knowledge that you need to make a sound investment.

Why We Make a Good Match

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Other agents don't specialize in Vacation Properties or The Islands, like we do. You should think of the value of our specialization like the value of yours.

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  • Learn what makes a profitable location

    Water Quality is perhaps the most important feature of a Lakefront Vacation Home. We live, work, and play around the lake, and we know it well.

  • Find listings before they're listed

    We have an unbelievably strong community network and we know which buyers are looking at which listings and which sellers are planning to list. This information is invaluable and it is something that no other agency can offer.

  • Benefit from bulldog negotiations

    Bad contracts can hose your transaction. Our negotiating experience provides meaningful value for your Lake Champlain Vacation Home.

  • Score the best providers

    Save yourself time and grief by connecting to the best team of mortgage lenders, attorneys, home inspectors, engineers, and contractors. Get the best people!

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